The CreationMethod Process

The Creation Method isn’t magic, it is a series of proven processes and systems that break down the creative process into it’s simplest components. This process allows you to reliably deliver relevant content because it allows you to tap into your creativity at will.

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Proven Process toCreate Content that Engages and Sells

Not only does it unlock your creativity, it helps refine your message so that you can speak more effectively to your audience to increase sales, lead-get, exposure, and engagements.

You will get to know all about the inner strengths and weakness of the person who is the real, rock-bottom ‘YOU’ through a comprehensive set of guided personality exercises that will clearly lay bare ALL your strengths, values, and principles.

Your will learn all about the personalities, values, and decision-making habits of your audience, from their favorite terms and phrases to their most frequent thoughts, habits, and conversational styles so you can appeal easily to them.

Your inner creativity will be unleashed through exercises helping you to reverse, expand, reduce, replace, and rearrange the spontaneous adjectives, adverbs, phrases, and clauses within your clear, concise, and convincing sentences.

You will learn how to repeat these processes with spontaneous levels of variations that will generate improvements in each cycle, until you are satisfied you are communicating with the values and inner essences we have helped you identify for your audience.

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Phase 1: KnowYourself

Finding Your Soul Purpose

You were born with a unique set of skills that lend themselves to your Soul Purpose. Knowing this purpose and pursuing it is the key to success and fulfillment This step in the process will . In takes you through an immersive mind exercise that will affirm or reveal your unique purpose.

Your Guiding North Star

Discover techniques that will help you stay calm and clear headed no matter what is happening around you.

The Magic Wand

Learn ways that you can be a calming influence on those around you.


Phase 2: KnowYour Audience

Write in Your Audience’s buying language

This step is about defining and knowing your audience so that you can create tailor-made content for them. This is a crash course Persona Architecture, a powerful behavioral psychology tool that will give you an intimate understanding of your audience, the way they think and the way they act – and you’ll better understand how to create messages that move them to take action.


Phase 3:Releaseyou inner content genius

Outline a bestseller in 30 minutes

Knowing what to write is one of the biggest hurdles that trips up most aspiring authors. You could easily waste months or years stuck. This step walks you through a creative mind exercise that is the heart of the Creation Method. By temporarily shutting down your left brain, it allows you to channel free-flowing creative thought and create the title, summary and 16 chapter outlines for your book – all in under 30 minutes.

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What Customers are Saying

“No one can guarantee that your book will become a best seller, but having Michael Drew as your promotional partner is like having Tiger Woods as your golf partner. Your chances of winning increase dramatically.”

Roy H. Williams

The Wizard of Ads

“You can dream all you’d like about seeing your book and your name at the top of a best-seller list. You can write a fantastic book. You can scramble, bleed and beat yourself up marketing that book. None of that guarantees you’ll make any best-seller list. Neither does hiring Michael Drew. But Secrets of the Millionaire Mind made it because of his help, as have dozens of his other authors. No amount of hard work or literary brilliance can replace Michael’s insider’s knowledge, connections and simple blood and sweat commitment. There seems to be a way to make a book successful, and evidently Michael Drew is one of the few who knows the secret. Thank you, Michael.”

T. Harv Eker

New York Time #1 Best-selling Author, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

“I asked Michael Drew to help me with promoting my book, Masters of Networking, and he comes up with a world record in book marketing! Because of Michael, we broke the world record for most book signings in more than one city on the same day (56 cities). He can out-brainstorm, he can out-manage, he can out-plan, and he can out-do anybody I know in book marketing.”

Ivan R. Misner

Masters of Networking

“It used to be that only publishing veterans knew the secrets to creating a successful book. But Bob Hughes and Michael Drew unearth what makes a book sell. They take you through everything from knowing your subject, to building your audience and identifying publishing models, to tracking sales and creating high-impact marketing and PR.”

Will Weisser

VP and Associate Publisher, Portfolio/Penguin

“Michael Drew’s contribution to platform publishing and the changes in book publishing industry is not only spot on and insightful, but what he has been stating for years”

Jonathan Merkh

VP Publisher Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster

“The publishing landscape has changed forever and the challenges facing authors have never been greater. If you are serious about becoming a published author, read Beneath the Cover from cover to cover –the odds will be stacked in your favor.”

Jere Calmes

Publisher, Publisher Enterprise Press

“As a media and public relations expert, there is one question that I get asked more than any other and that is, “how do I become a published author and get everyone in the world to read it?” For me, answering that very complicated question just got a whole lot easier. Quite frankly there are a few ways to accomplish this goal but those game plans all encompass one name: publishing savant Michael Drew. Michael is setting the bar even higher to a new standard in publishing.”

David Ratner

President & COO Newman Communications

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