Which Creation Method Training Program is Right For You?

If you want to get your message out in the world the Writer’s Hour will get you well on your way. But if you are serious about taking your writing and content creation to the next level you have 2 additional options: The Creation Method - Essentials and The Creation Method - Advanced.

Writer's Hour FREE

Outline your book in an hour learn how Micheal Drew gets his clients on the Bestseller lists.

Learn the 4 Pillars of Communication that create powerful content

  • Anyone that aspires to write a book.
  • Anyone that struggles with writer’s block.

This program includes everything in the Essentials program plus:

  • Learn how to write high-er-impact content that engag-es and persuades readers to your point of view.
  • Learn Persona Architecture, the process that Micheal Drew and his team use to write content to the different personality types.
  • Anyone that needs their content to get better engagement.
  • Anyone that wants to learn or write better marketing or sales material.

The Creation Method -
Advanced $229

This program includes everything in the Essentials program plus:

  • Get all the tools and process-es you need to write protable content that gets measurable results.
  • You will learn how to create and write to personas for better engagement and sales.
  • You will learn the 12 Steps of Intimacy, a process used to plan higher converting sales funnels.
  • Anyone that needs to write mission critical content that gets measurable results
  • Anyone serious about creating high impact protable content that sells, generates leads, or raises money.