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Comprehensive Training for Profitable Content Creation

Yes! I Want to Amp Up My Content

If you need your content to perform, then you need the Creation Method Advancing training program. In it you will learn all the proven processes needed to create high impact profitable content. These are the same processes Michael Drew and his team use with their bestselling clients.

Buyer beware: This program is not for light-weights. While these processes are simple in concept you must be willing to do the the work necessary to get the results you know you deserve.

With this advanced bundle you get everything that is included in the free and basic programs plus complete training on Persona creation and the 12 Steps of Intimacy.

The program is $229 and you will gain immediate access upon completing the the checkout process.

Yes! I Want to Amp Up My Content

Why the Creation Method Advanced Training Program

While the basic training program will absolutely elevate your content, this advanced training program will show you how to create personas, use them, and create more customer friendly and higher converting sales funnels by planning each step of their journey using the 12 Steps of Intimacy.

Yes! I Want to Amp Up My Content

Unleash the Power of Personas

In this training you will learn how to use Personas to write content that speaks to the the four decision making and buying styles. This ad- vanced training gives you the process for creating content that speaks to all the decision making styles.

The result is higher conversion and better engagement.

Yes! I Want to Amp Up My Content

Build More Long-term Relationships with your Customers

The 12 Steps of Intimacy is a process for planning sales funnel that build trust with your customers instead of futility trying to squeeze them into buying. The ability to connect more to your audience through your con- tent. The result of this is a customer that is more devoted and who create word-of-mouth business.

Yes! I Want to Amp Up My Content

WhatYou Get

The everything included The Writer Hour Free Program and the Creation Method Basic PLUS the following:

Buyer Personas

Written material:
  1. Profluent Wizard of Oz Personas- White Paper
  2. Persona creation- Work Book
Videos :
  1. Psychographics vs. Demographics
  2. Myers Briggs Marketing
  3. Introvert vs. Extrovert
  4. Intuitive vs. Sensing
  5. Feeling vs. Thinking
  6. Judging vs. Perceiving
  7. Using Personas in Marketing
  8. Four Personality Types
  9. Don’t be a Douchebag Marketer

12 Steps of Intimacy

Written material:
  1. 12 Steps of Intimacy White paper
  2. 12 Steps of Intimacy- Planning Document
  3. Angles of Approach- Work Book
  1. 12 Steps Overview
  2. Step 1: Eye to Body
  3. Step 2: Eye to Eye
  4. Step 3: Voice to Voice
  5. Step 4: Hand to Hand
  6. Step 5: Hand to Shoulder
  7. Step 6: Hand to Waist
  8. Step 7: Hand to Face
  9. Step 8: Kissing
  10. Step 9: Heavy Petting
  11. Step 10: Mouth to Body
  12. Step 11: Fully Naked
  13. Step 12: Sex
  14. 12 Steps of Intimacy Conclusion

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